Wednesday, 19 January 2011

One of the big small questions ...

To call first or not to call first ... this is the question :D At first I used to call my boyfriend first but  I felt awful when decided to make a little experiment. I haven't called him for few days , then got insane  :D and called him yelling because of his attitude ... hmmmm... the lack of attitude ! He said it is not so important , I explaint women need attention  and so on .... but the same story again and again . But during the last few days I didn't call him even once and he called me a few times . The first time : We haven't talked for few days are u mad at me again ? , I said : No , can't think about this anymore , do as u wish.  He was surprised . And again I didn't called him first now he is so sweet and gentle when taling on the phone, and HE is calling :D ^^ Men are SWINES , but I love pork :D This month I can't go out so we can't have a date and calling and chatting is the only way to communicate , and even when I'm not grounded and we go out together it is good to know he thinks of me even when we are not together ^^

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