Tuesday, 1 February 2011

20th Jubilee International Carnival "Surva" Pernik 2011

I had AMAZING 3 days with the guests of the 20th Jubilee International Carnival "Surva" Pernik 2011 ! I interpreted for the  AMBASSADOR OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - JAMES WARLICK !  I met the president and the founder of FECC Henry van der Kroon , his sister , Christian Michel - vice presidents of  FECC  Belgium , Guido Hendrickx - president of FECC Belgium , Luc Lauwers , people from Macedonia , Sweden , Poland , Czech Republic , Serbia , and many new friends from Bulgaria ! ^^ Here are some photographs :

More interpretors :D

With Luc Lauwers

With Christian Michel         

With James Warlick

With Silvana

Again with Luc

With Mr. Van der Kroon

Christian Michel's hat :D

With Italian guests , their interpretor and Natasha

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