These are strings from labels ... :D

I made this 6 years ago , it's the first i've made ^^

This is made by an old belt , I cut a piece long enogh for my hand , than cut it into to thiner pieces and sewed it :D

Tuborg ^^ i made two bracelets and necklace

i tied this 4 strings together and infact i braided them as i braid my hair

this is the result - bracelet

ribbon + safety pin (huge one :D )

wind the ribbon around the safety pin  and then tie a bow


i don't know the exact name of this in english but i consider hairclip proper .. or not :D so just take one and a ribbon , colour is optional

put the ribbon thah way then tie once and make a bow

NB! When u put them opposite the bows must "face" u  , when watching  them they must look like this because when putting them on both sides of your head one of them will be upside down = )